Cherwell ITIL Processes

Comprehensive Out-of-the-Box ITIL® Process Support and Best Practices

Powerful ITSM Software Featuring Eleven ITIL® Processes

Cherwell® Service Management is a powerful ITSM solution that enables you to automate and optimize ITIL processes and embrace continual service improvement. ITIL PinkVERIFY™ certified for eleven ITIL processes out of the box, Cherwell helps you reduce time to value by aligning with industry best practices.

Take advantage of ITIL service operations processes such as Incident, Problem, Request, and Event Management, and leverage key ITIL service transition processes including Change, Configuration, and Release and Deployment Management.

Utilise a visual guide to walk you through key activities of Incident Management, one of the most important ITIL processes, such as recording, classification, and investigation. Easily examine the specific data required to respond to each classified incident. For example, first call resolution questions related to a printer are different than questions related to an email incident. Respond quickly and consistently with One-Step™ actions.

Cherwell Software Incident Management

ITIL-based visual workflows guide you through each core activity of Change Management. Use the visualization manager to know in advance how changes can impact your assets and eliminate conflicts, both upstream and downstream. After completing a project, use the post-implementation questionnaire to effortlessly conduct post-change analysis to understand how changes impacted timelines, expenses, or goals.

Cherwell Software Change Management

Once a problem has been identified, prevent further incidents from being logged into the system by rapidly communicating the known problem to your end users. Simple One-Step actions allow you to notify customers via email, Twitter®, and RSS feeds. Once a problem is resolved, Cherwell Service Management can automatically close all linked incidents and notify end users.

Cherwell Software Problem Management

Cherwell Service Management easily integrates with various network-monitoring tools—alerting the service desk of issues, and potentially fixing them, before your end users and customers even know anything is wrong. Create rules so that when an event happens, such as a failed server notification, an incident is created and subsequent notifications are tied to it.

Cherwell Software Event Management

ITIL Knowledge Management Reduce service desk requests by providing "Google®-like" one-click access to federated knowledge searches of existing modules, PDFs, Microsoft® Office, and URLs. The powerful knowledge management features can help your service desk team, and your customers, improve resolution times by providing a repository to successfully capture, structure, and reuse service

Cherwell Software Knowledge Management

Ensure that changes are released into the production environment without service disruption that causes unplanned downtime, lost revenue and disgruntled customers by utilizing out-of-the-box, fully integrated ITIL-based processes. Bundle changes into a single release, and automatically update all configuration items in the configuration management database (CMDB).

Cherwell Software Release Management

Streamline and automate common service requests such as new employee set-up and requests for equipment. End users can easily select the desired service from your service catalog and track the progress of their request via the self-service portal. Technicians can quickly review, approve, and communicate to end users the status of the request with simple One-Step actions in Cherwell Service Management.

Cherwell Software Request Management

Improve Incident and Request resolution times by providing up-to-date asset information to support staff. Cherwell Service Management provides a visual, graphical representation of not only all upstream and downstream configuration items (CI), but also services, changes, contracts, releases, and end users associated with the CI.

Cherwell Software Asset and Configuration Management

Provide an actionable, easy-to-use service catalog that presents end users with only those specific services to which they are entitled. You can even provide associated costs, estimate delivery times, and use the Cherwell Service Management Product Catalog or a third-party catalog to enable charge-backs.

Cherwell Software Service Catalogue

The monitoring capabilities in Cherwell Service Management proactively warn you of pending SLA breaches and provide critical performance metrics. Easily track SLAs based on services, CIs, customer levels, or any combination you choose.

Cherwell Software Service Level Management

Create an environment of transparency, and proactively communicate the value of IT services and products by presenting a business-oriented view of available services, key costs, and quality metrics. Cherwell Service Management links all internal relationships and provides a graphical representation of all configuration items, SLAs, and OLAs required for each service—revealing the overall impact of Incident, Problem, and Change requests on service availability.

Cherwell Software Service Portfolio Management
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