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The Power of ScienceLogic

By integrating the ScienceLogic platform with common IT Service Management (ITSM) tools, like Cherwell Service Management, ServiceNow and BMC Remedy, you can drive revenue and efficiencies with data-driven automation. You can plug in any technology —old and new, continuously collect, learn, relate, and synchronize data in real-time, and reduce time spent on routine, manual activities. All through one, unified platform.




Discover all components within your enterprise – standard and unique – across physical, virtual and cloud. Collect and store a variety of data in a clean and normalized data lake.

PowerSync - Integrate and in real-time.




Understand relationships between infrastructure, applications and business services. Use this context to gain actionable insights.

PowerMap - Real-time IT operations data, in context.




Integrate and share data across technologies and your IT ecosystem in real-time. Apply multi-directional integrations to automate both responsive and proactive actions at cloud scale.

PowerSync - IT Automation Solution


Bring big data from all your enterprise IT management tools and data sources together into a real-time data lake. Exchange and optimize cross-ecosystem data for complete visibility, auto-remediate issues, and accelerate productivity through automation.

Discover & Collect

Automatically discover physical, virtual, cloud, serverless, and microservices infrastructure, and more. Use SL1’s patented ”miss-nothing” discovery technology to continuously discover, merge, and store IT ops data in a common data lake, so predictive action can be taken. Apply best practice monitoring policies to collect, assess, and visualize the right data. Learn more about automatic discovery.

Data Lake

Fuse multiple types and sources of data into a common data model and store it in a unified Data Lake. Gain clear visibility across all IT operations data. See any vendor, any technology, anywhere—from one place, in real-time.


Easily integrate and exchange data with third party data sources, technologies, and enterprise IT management tools. Chain them together for full visibility and improved operational efficiency. Use PowerSync to quickly integrate with asset management systems, CMDB/CMSs, ITSM, APM, NPM, Log Management, and more. Push, pull, and publish/subscribe to data feeds in real-time.


Achieve higher levels of productivity. Significantly reduce or eliminate the risk of human error. Streamline and automate operational processes within and across organizational silos. Free up time to focus on more important business-critical tasks. Improve mean time to repair (MTTR) by streamlining and automating every possible step of the problem identification and repair process.


Auto-map and track relationships across infrastructure, clouds, applications, and business services. Understand the real-time context for how everything works together. Gain actionable insights that drive better business outcomes.


PowerMap auto-derives relationships and topological context for all internal and external IT infrastructure to accelerate root cause and impact analysis. Accurately gauge infrastructure health, availability and performance – in real-time.


Understand relationships between application components and the infrastructure they run on. Monitor the health, availability, and risk for all your applications, across all application tiers, and within each tier – web servers, app servers, database servers, application services, and more. Know how all your on-prem, cloud, and SaaS applications are working – at all times.

Business Services

Dynamically model and maintain business services across static and ephemeral workloads and applications.  Know how your applications and infrastructure affect the health, availability, and risk of your critical business services. Automate proactive and responsive repairs based on service impact.


Avoid being overwhelmed with too much unrelated data. Use PowerMap to fuse data from multiple sources and establish multi-layer topology that provides context to raw data. With this new context, apply AI/ML to proactively detect unusual behavior, determine cause, and proactively respond.

ScienceLogic SL1 Platform

Automation Engine for AIOps Across Cloud & Distributed Architectures Visibility, context, and action across your entire IT operations to maximize business performance.

Rapidly adopt technologies to drive digital business services. Keep pace with application and infrastructure workloads that spin up and down in minutes across multi-cloud and distributed architectures. Leverage AI/ML-driven automation to accelerate MTTR and business success.

What is AIOps?

AIOps is the application of advanced analytics — in the form of machine learning (ML) and AI, towards automating operations to move at the speed of business.  Coined by Gartner, AIOps marries big data with ML to create predictive outcomes that help drive faster RCA (root cause analysis) and accelerate MTTR (mean time to repair).

Why AIOps?

The push for business agility leaves an undesirable by-product in complexity which outstrips human capacity to keep pace. While agility is core to business innovation and customer experiences, executing to it has created a highly ephemeral state of IT workloads and processes. Major advances in distributed architectures, multi-clouds, containers and microservices, to name a few, have created copious, multi-dimensional data flows that create excessive noise and stifle IT’s ability to identify and resolve service incidents. AIOps builds real-time systems in the form of context-rich data lakes that traverse the full application stack in order to reduce noise in modern performance and fault management systems and drive automation with a goal of improving time to resolution.

Adopting AIOps Empowers IT Operations to:

  • Determine the service health of mission critical services or applications
  • Gain control and visibility to spiraling consumption of cloud resources<
  • Accelerate MTTR with automated incident management and real-time CMDB updates
  • Build context-rich data lakes integrating disparate, third-party data sources
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